Bluniverse Foreign Language School

Bluniverse Foreign Language School, which belongs to Anhui Bluniverse Education & Development Co.,Ltd. More than 200 professional Chinese teachers, working with 17 native speaking teachers from various countries, such as UK,US,Canada , Australia and so on, have helped more than 100 thousand students meet their English goals. Our programs encompass THINK IN ENGLISH, which is researched by our company, Young Learners English, Business English, Oral English and VIP training. Bluniverse serves the needs of the business community as well. Our clients include The Haier Group, China Railway Bureau IV, ABB, Steinbeis, China Airline, Heifei Huatai Group Co.,Ltd, China Merchants Bank, Webex, Kurz Stamping Technology plus several law firms and other professional concerns. These companies recognize the global importance of English and turn to Bluniverse to make it.


Based on the Advanced International English teaching model, we have developed the Active Six-Dimensional Teaching System. Using our professionally developed material and methods, we focus on training students to THINK IN ENGLISH. Our small class size ensures greater interaction with the instructors, giving our students the confidence needed to use their new skills.


Our gentle school environment can make students more easy and comfortale. The modern, well-equipped facilities can make teaching more active and effective. Perfect teaching management can give our students and their parents more valuable experience. High quality of teaching guarantee can make students master the knowledge which they’ve learned.


Bluniverse Foreign Language School has the complete support of the Anhui Provincial Education Bureau and is recognized as the best English training institute, excellent education institution and Integrity Training Institute in the province. We also have been awarded as “The most Trustworthy Training Institute”, “Integrity Training institute” by Anhui Daily Press Group, and one of the “Ten Important Promotion Brands” in education field of Anhui.


Anhui Bluniverse Education & Development Co., an intergrated training institute. Our business includes Teaching & Researching, Culture Communication and planing, Indraught of the technics, Conference Translation Affairs. We are the only cooperant institution of holding the CCTV “Star of Outlook” English Talent Competition in Anhui Province, Hefei Foreign Language Radio cooperates with China Radio International and GoTone Foreign Laguage School, in cooperation with China Mobile.


Our modern, well-equipped facilities are located in 11 cities, such as Hefei, Wuhu, Ma'anshan, Tongling, Chaohu, Lu'an, Huainan, Anqing, Chuzhou, Bengbu and Fuyang. And we keep pace with the changing educational environment to help the next generation of learners.


English Teachers Number required: 2-3 Posts

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2024 - 15th Jan, 2025
1st Sep, 2024 - 15th Jul, 2025

Requirements: TEFL and two years teaching experience preferred

Monthly Salary: start from 12,000 RMB

Teaching hours: 18 teaching hrs per week + 12 office hrs per week

Age of students: 5-16 years old

Accommodation: Free apartment with furnishings + all utensils

Medical Insurance: The same treatment as the colleagues in our school

Paid Holiday: 5 days paid annual leave and 11days public holidays such as New Year Day (1 day), May Day (1 day), the National Day (3 days), Spring Festival (3 days), Tomb-sweeping Festival(1 day)Dragon-boat Festival (1 day), Mid-autumn Festival(1 day).one week summer holiday, two weeks winter holiday

Work permit : The school will provide work permit for China at no cost to the teacher.

Air-ticket Reimbursement: an one-way trip air-ticket reimbursement (Max. 5000 RMB)

Closest Airport: Hefei Luogang Airport