Q & A

Q: I will be graduating from a University in May/June this year, will I still be able to apply to the program and be accepted for the fall placement this year?


A: Yes. You can apply before your graduation to start the application process if you expect to obtain your bachelor degree about 3 months before departure for China.


A bachelor degree plus a TEFL/TESOL certificate (or two years teaching experiences if you don’t have the TEFL/TEFOL) is a must for the teaching position to be approved by the State Bureau of Foreign Expert in China.


 We provide 7 day TEFL in China intensive course for teachers needed. See more info from /index.aspx?classid=10097


Q: Will you help/arrange for work permits/visas? Are visa fees and the medical examination cost covered by the program fee?


A: We handle all the employment authorization and visa paper work for our teachers before departure to China. The program fee does not cover visa fee, and the medical examination cost.


Q: Can you tell me more about the 'free medical care?' Who provides it, what does it cover and how is it administered?


A: Foreign teachers usually have the same medical insurance or health care policy as the Chinese faculty does. The policy varies from school to school.


Q:  The website says that a round trip airfare is included as a benefit. Is a round trip plane ticket from the home country to China covered by the costs or by the Chinese institution? Do most teachers receive round trip?


A: The Chinese host schools pay for the various airfare allowance. Some schools reimburse your actual cost of the airfare when you complete your 10-month teaching contract.


Q: What are the average monthly expenses for an English teacher? Will I be able to save money to do some light traveling.


A: The average monthly expense is about 1000-2500 yuan. It varies from city to city. Most of our teachers can save enough from their salary to do some travel during the school break and holidays. You are able to live comfortably on the salary as your host school provides free accommodations to you. Your major expenses will only include food, daily necessities and of course entertainment.


Q: How much teaching experience do I need? I have only had some tutoring experience.


A: Teaching experience is preferable, but not mandatory.


Q: How are the accommodations? Will I have a roommate?


A: Most schools have other foreign teachers living in the same building on campus. In most schools, foreign teachers have their own apt/dorm with a private bathroom and kitchen; in others, foreign teachers share a common kitchen on the floor. No teacher shares a bedroom with another teacher unless it is a couple situation.


Q: Could my spouse/friend and I be placed together?


A: Yes, if you request to be placed together either on your application or during the phone interview.


Q:  I know the apartment is paid/provided for by the Chinese host schools. Are utilities also paid?


A: With most schools, if the utility usage is within the basic amount, utilities are paid by the school. Some schools will ask the teachers to pay the utility amount that exceeds the basic amount.