Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering

Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Brief information of the University

Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering is well-known scientist Qian Academy of Sciences, founded under the kind care of themselves first bio-engineering of our Class A common undergraduate colleges and universities, is also the only one in Hubei Province has the right to grant bachelor's degree in private undergraduate colleges and universities.

Schools adhere to the 'legislation for the public schools, schools for the people, according to the law school, back to society' and its mission, in order to Qian Yan'an spirit and the spirit of the guiding ideology of school in order to run a high level of private universities in the nation the goal of continuous improvement of school conditions to improve teaching standards and education quality, promoting school comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. School covers an area of 1312 mu, building area of 650,000 square meters, in the more than 16,000 students, faculty and staff of more than 1,300 people, including professors, associate professors 223 people, more than 120 million copies of library books, laboratory equipment worth 7000 million yuan.

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School has bio-engineering, bio-technology, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Landscape, Department of Computer and Information Engineering, Management Engineering, Department of Foreign Languages, Fine Arts Department, Physical Education Department, Department of Architecture, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering the ideological and political theory courses, and the Department of Experimental Center, Analysis and Testing Center, School of Continuing Education and more than 30 teaching and research units; set up more than 50 ordinary book, specialist expertise. At the same time, the school continued to explore channels for cooperation in running schools, later worked with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other well-known international universities have established cooperative education relationship.

Adhere to people-oriented school education, moral education first, from a focus on imparting knowledge to the greater emphasis on capacity and quality of culture change, and strive to improve the practical ability of students, both inside and outside the province has established more than 100 research and practical teaching training base, for the school's teaching, research and student internships to create the perfect conditions for practical training, schools, scientific research strength, rising, the employment competitiveness constantly enhanced the reputation of cultivating high-quality, application-oriented talents cradle of the long-term employment rate of graduates maintained at above 95%.

The school has been awarded the 'National Advanced Unit of spiritual civilization construction work', 'National self-discipline and integrity of building an advanced unit', 'advanced unit of party-building work in Hubei Province', 'Hubei Best Civilization Unit', 'ideological and political education of university students in Hubei Province Advanced university ',' provincial safe campus ',' garden-style schools in Hubei Province 'and many other honorary titles.



English Teachers Number required: 1-2 Posts

Requirements: BA and TESOL /TEFL. Some teaching experience preferred

Monthly Salary: 10,000 RMB

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                           1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Teaching hours: 16 hrs per week 

Age of students: University

Accommodation: A free private furnished apartment on the school campus. It includes one private bedroom, full set of furniture, washroom, color TV with cable, living room, dinning room, balcony. Free monthly utilities 

Internet access (Free): computer with internet access (broadband) in the apartment and none charge for monthly fee.

Medical Insurance: Medical care for foreign teachers in accordance with China's medical system. The school will provide teachers with a basic medical insurance and accident insurance . 

Paid Holiday: Two days off per week, Public holidays in China. winter holiday in Jan and Feb

Work permit : The school will provide work permit for China at no cost to the teacher.

Air-ticket Reimbursement: One way for the 5 months contract and round way airfare for the 11 months contract reimbursement will be made on completion of the contract 

Closet airport: Wuhan Tianhe International Airport