Venus International Education Group

Quanzhou City, Fujian Province


Introduction Quanzhou, also called Licheng and Citong Cheng in Pinyin, is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China. It is an important seaport located in southeast Fujian Province and is the economic and political center of the province. To its east is Taiwan separated from Quanzhou by the East Sea, making Quanzhou the famous mother town of Chinese compatriotsin Taiwan and overseas. The climate is warm and humid, comfortable for year-round travel, making Quanzhou a popular tourist destination.

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Introduction School:

Venus International Education Group has established for two years. Our commission is to provide and promote childhood education to ages between two to twelve years old. We have companies in Hong Kong, Xia Man, Chuen Zhou, etc. In Chuen Zhou, there are two buildings, about 40000m and 30000m square. Our gist includes three words which are shown in our learning centre: learn, practice and use.

Learn: To let children learn effectively, we have bilingual courses and we only have 5 students per class. English and mathematics will be taught in English and Money Management will be taught in Mandarin. This will help children to fit in the society because English and Mandarin are international languages. Also, a small amount of students can let teachers to focus on each and one of them more and understand each student’s need. 

Practice: To let children practice and always remember what they are taught, we give them a reasonable amount of homework so they can practice at home. This will not only strengthen students’ memory about what is taught in class, but also helps teacher to know what students are good at and what is their weakest point. So teachers can plan their lessons according to students’ needs and help to improve students’ knowledge/ skills. 

Full-time English Teachers needed

Number required: 2 Posts
Contract Periods: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                               1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Requirements: BA + two years teaching experience needed Or 
BA + TEFL cert. (+some teaching experience preferred)
Monthly Salary: RMB 15,000 or above ( 16-22 teaching hours per week)
Teaching hours: Overtime on teacher's prior consent and payable at RMB80/hr beyond the contracted basic hours. 
Accommodation: a private apartment with private bedroom, washroom, color TV with cable, air-conditioner, telephone, microwave, washing machine, shower, 24 hour hot water supply, free supply of electricity (monthly maximum of RMB200 per head), free water, complete supply of bedding (including bed-Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels). 
Internet access (Free): computer with internet access (broadband) in the school and apartment. 
Ages of students: children only.
Other Perks: Free Mandarin lessons. 
Paid Holidays: Two days off per week.(usually one full day + 2 half dyas)
New Year in January (1) day; *Chinese New Year in January/February (3) days; Qing Ming Festival in April (1) day; Labor Day in May (1) day; Mid-autumn Festival in August (1) day; *National Day in October (3) day; 
*The common practice in China for golden week holiday in October is such that the employee will have 7 consecutive days off. (3 days paid holiday, 2 weekend days, 2 extra days to be compensated for by employee working on weekends either before or after the golden week). 
Paid Holiday Annual Leave (for the 12-month contract only) The teacher shall be credited with 7 days annual leave upon commencement of employment with the School. 
Travel Allowance for a 12 month contract On completion of the 12 month contract, a travel allowance RMB 10,000 will be made.