Shanxi Normal University Linfen College

Linfen City

Introduction of Linfen


Location: Linfen City is situated in southwestern Shanxi Province, on the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It neighbors Changzhi and Jincheng in the east, Jinzhong and Lvliang in the north, Yuncheng in the south and finally, it is separated from Shaanxi Province by the Yellow River in the west. History: Known as Pingyang in the ancient time, Linfen was once the capital of China during the Jin Kingdom in the Warring States Period (476BC-221BC). During the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), it belonged to the Hedong Shire, one of the forty-eighty shires of the nation. Many places in present Linfen had their names originated during the Sui Dynasty (581-618). 

Physical Features: There are Zhongtiao Mountain, Taiyue Mountain and Lvliang Mountains in the east and west of the city. In the center stands the Linfen Basin. Mountains and hills are the main characteristic of the land, occupying about eighty percent of the city's territory. Fenhe River, one of the main branches of the Yellow River, flows through the city centre. 

Climate: Lingfen lies in the semi-arid and semi-humid region, bearing a temperate continental monsoon climate. The weather features hot summer and chilly winter. It has an annual average temperature of 8.6-12.6℃ (47.5-54.7℉).

Hukou Waterfalls is the grandest yellow waterfall in the world. It is located in the Qinjin (Shaanxi-Shanxi) Gorge on the middle reaches of the Yellow River and 45 kilometers away from the Jixian Country, Shanxi Province. To the west of the waterfall is the Yichuan County of Shaanxi Province. Waterfalls gush down into the roaring water of the river through the precipitous rocks in the abrupt canyon. The magnificent spectacle makes the waterfall the second largest, after the largest Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou.

The Great Scholar Tree of Hongtong County is the most famous ruins of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), during which time large immigration occurred in China. Historical records show that governors were sent by the court to Guangji Temple to manage the immigration affairs for fifty years from 1368.

For hundreds of years, the great scholar trees near the Guangji Temple became the root, origin and home for governors seeking relief from homesickness. It gradually becomes a sacred land for root seeking and ancestor worshipping. 

Yao Temple was first established during the Jin Dynasty (265-420) in the present southern outskirt of Linfen City. It was believed that Linfen was made the capital of the nation by Emperor Yao, who is a great sage in the Chinese prehistoric ages prior to Shun and Yu the Great. Later generations then built the temple in Linfen to eulogize his laudable feats.

An overview of the university

Shanxi Normal University Linfen College is approved by the provincial government in December, 2000. It is based on Linfen Teacher School, which had 87-year history and combined with Linfen College of Education, Linfen Teacher College, XiXian Teacher College, Linfen Sports School It is a professional college for training specialist teachers in primary and secondary. 



Full-time English Teachers needed 

Number required: 4 Posts 


Requirements: BA and TESOL /TEFL. Some teaching experience preferred 

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                           1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Monthly Salary: 10,000 RMB or above

Teaching hours: 16-18 hours per week 

Accommodation: A free private apartment will be provided. The apartment includes two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom (With air-condition, TV, Bed, Sofa. etc.). free ADSL Access . Fridge, and cooking utilities. 

Internet access (Free): internet access at the apartment 

Age of students: Primary to High school students 

Insurance: The same treatment as the colleagues in our school 

Closest Airport: Taiyuan airport 

Paid Holiday: 2 days off per week; public holidays in China 

Airticket reinbursement: The school will reimburse the teacher the cost of round trip air-ticket on completion of the one school year contract.