Beijing Venus Kindergarten

Beijing Venus Kindergarten is affiliated with Hong Kong Qi Si Education Group.

Qi Si was founded by Dr.Zhao. the renowned educatorof Hong Kong with more than fourty years of experience at early education and kindergarten management. Dr.Zhao won many rewards for her excellent work in her field. Among them are the Certificate o f Honour for Dr.Zhaoˇs valuable service t Hong Kong by Queen of Elizabeth the Second and the first Outstanding Educator award granted by Hong Kong Education Institute.At here we believe the education is not full of a pail, but lighting of a fire.

The first kindergarten of Venus. was opened in Sep,2001. For now it owned three branches, there are HuaQing, DongRun, and the opening ZhuJiang.HuaQing lies in Leisure Garden a modern apartment., which closely related some famous universities such as QinHua, Beiing University, and Beiyu University. It owned the unique position. The lightway and many buses are available at Wudaokou which contains convenience arterial traffic. HuaQing kindergarten has an area of 3000 sq.meters and is fond of kids for its consummate facilities and the harmonious environment .It has more than 2oo children for now. The second branch kindergarten of Venus which is situated in the DongRun apartment and near with the Yansha Shopping Center. It owns 3200 sq. meters activity areas, contains 9 classrooms. The ample ground provides the superior environment for our kids which benefit a lot fun from the interesting disposal. It was opened in 2003.9 for now which already becomes an international kindergarten. Zhujiang is the third branch kindergarten of Venus which stands in ZhuJingDiJing apartment within 800 meters distance of the East three road that belongs to the center of the CBD. In possession of 5400 sq.m. , and it can accommodate 15 classrooms which will be opened in July,2005

English Teachers
Number required: 2 Posts

Start date:  1st Mar,2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                              1st Sep,2023 - 15th Jul, 2024


Requirements: BA and TESOL and some teaching experience preferred

Monthly Salary: RMB  15,000 or above

Working/Teaching hours: Monday to Friday , teaching hour 20 to 22 hours per week and office hours 10-12 per week, two days off at weekends per week. 

Accommodation: Shared apartment with private bedroom, washroom, color TV with cable, air-conditioner, telephone, microwave, washing machine, shower, 24 hour hot water supply, free supply of electricity monthly maximum of RMB200 per head), water, free supply of drinking water, complete supply of bedding (including sheets, blankets, pillows and towels). 

Age of students: children 

Number of students per class : 18 

Insurance: Teachers will be covered with an accident policy with medical benefit for non-accident cases only 3 months into the policy and limited to a maximum compensation of RMB50,000. Therefore, teachers are advised to take adequate insurance cover before leaving their own country. Other Perks: Free Mandarin lessons.
Closest Airport: Beijing 

Holiday: 4-months contract
Two days off at weekends per week , Labor Day* in May (7 days). Notional Day* in October, New Year in January (1 day)
Annual Leave (10 days for one-year contract only)
*The common practice in China for golden week holidays is such that the employee will have 7 consecutive days off. (3 days paid holiday, 2 weekend days, 2 extra days to be compensated for by employee working on weekends either before or after the golden week).
Air-ticket Reimbursement On completion of the 6-month contract, an air-ticket reimbursement up to a maximum of RMB4,000 will be made, On completion of the 12-month contract, an air-ticket reimbursement up to a maximum of RMB8,000 will be made