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About the University

Located in Foshan, a most developing and dynamic city, Foshan University is jointly established and supervised by Guangdong Provincial Government and Foshan City Government with the core administration focused on the municipal level. Founded in 1958, Foshan University was a merger between its predecessor (Foshan Normal College) and Foshan College of South China Agricultural University. Under the ratification of the Ministry of Education in March 1995, Foshan University, merging with Foshan Agriculture & Animal Husbandry College, is approved to be a full-time comprehensive undergraduate university. After acquiring Foshan Medical College and Foshan College of Education in 2005, Foshan University has been developing into a well-structured multidisciplinary university with a full range of specialties and experiencing ever since rapid growth. In 2007, Foshan University passed the national teaching assessment for bachelor’s degree programs with high mark. In 2010, Foshan University was accredited to confer Master Degree by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council.


FSU has currently four campuses including home campus, Northern campus, Hebin Road campus, and Tongji West campus, covering a land area of 2,210.7 acres, with a total construction area of 345,400 square meters. There are ten schools across campuses: Literature & Art School, Law & Politics School, Science School, Mechatronics & Information Engineering School, Environment & Civil Engineering School, Life Science School, Business School, Medical School, Education Science School, faculty of Physical Education.


Currently, 46 bachelor’s degree programs and 7 three-year associate degree/diploma programs are offered to 13,284 full-time students (12,218 undergraduates, 1066 diploma students). 1,485 staff members work for the University, of which 812 are teaching staff (108 with senior academic titles, 318 with associate senior academic titles, 152 PhD holders, 351 Master’s Degree holders, and over 78 teachers having overseas education and/or working experience). The University also invites and appoints foreign experts and visiting professors. The world well-known scientists such as Dr. Yang Zhenning, Dr. Samuel C. C. Ting, and many others are honorary professors of Foshan University.



As a local higher education institution, Foshan University advocates its philosophy of “based on education –oriented principles, pursing top quality education, and demonstrating unique features”. The university also holds the concept that “teaching is the foundation, research is the enhancement, and talents are the key to the advancement of the University”. With expanding educational undertakings by emphasizing scientific research, the university regards talent-cultivation as chief task, undergraduate teaching as central focus. The university is also dedicated to mature the pattern of nurturing creative talents, which is designed to foster applicable professionals with leadership cognition, innovation spirit and practical ability. The university was granted one item of The Second Place of National Education Achievement Award, and 20 Provincial Education Achievement Award. Two courses were assessed as Provincial Featured Courses. Four teaching books were awarded “Eleventh Five-Year” National & Ministerial-level Teaching Materials Planning Topics, one teaching book was received title of “Featured Teaching Material” by Ministry of Education, Physics Lab. Teaching Centre was evaluated as Provincial Higher Education Institutional Lab. Teaching Demonstration Centre in 2009, and the Program of “Animal veterinary medicine” was assessed as the Construction Base of “National Featured Specialty”. The University Library holds about 1.5 million volumes of books with 2,968 kinds of journals and 207 kinds of newspapers, over 10 thousands e-books, 12 Chinese and foreign language databases. The University publication is Journal of Foshan University (social science version and natural science version). The fixed assets of integrated teaching & research equipments were valued at 122 million CNY. The University owns modern teaching and research facilities such as Information & Teaching Technology Centre, experiment centers, farms, experimental orchards, Animal Clinic, hatcheries, Affiliated Stomatologic Hospital, and many other well-equipped laboratories. A meat duck research and development branch of the National Poultry Technology Research Centre is also located at Foshan University.


With demonstrating the vision of “based on the local community, and serving to the local society”, university has been developing research and technology transfer by closely linking to local socio-economic development, which manifests having created remarkable benefits for FS University and Foshan local community. Preventative animal veterinary has been assessed as provincial key discipline, with its lab being classified as key provincial university scientific research lab; “Cantonese Culture Research Base” has been approved as Guangdong Research Base for Humanity; “Modern Manufacturing Equipment Engineering Technology Development Centre” has been approved as Guangdong General Engineering Technology Development Center in Higher Education Institutions. University experiences rapid growth in scientific research funding, reaching revenues of CNY 162 million and receiving as much as CNY 65,368 million from 2006 to 2009. University undertook 39 national scientific projects, of which there are 11 items from National Science Fund and 1 item from National Social Fund. Besides, the university holds 103 research projects in provincial level, 171 in municipal level. As diverse as 100 awards are granted by Guangdong Province and Foshan City Government, out of which 3 works are granted as Guangdong Scientific Improvement Award and 5 works as Guangdong Agricultural Technology Promotion Award. University emphasizes on promoting collaboration with local industry and city government, developing research and technology transfer, supporting local social – economic advancement. Since 2006, university succeeds in obtaining as many as 438 research projects granted, of which 25 works passing the scientific & technological assessment by official organization, reaching the leading standard within China. As released from Guangdong Education department, in 2007, integrated scientific research strengths of Foshan University was ranked in the top 3 based on scientific outcomes and ranked in the top 8 in terms of the funding amount.


International co-operation and exchange link Foshan University to the world. Foshan University has always been actively involved in communication with many higher education institutions across UK, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Mozambique and HK SAR, building up partnerships in the areas of teacher training, disciplinary development, academic exchanges, scientific research and management. Since 1997, the university has participated in the INTOP Program in 13 consecutive years which is an international project undertaken by 9 universities from 9 countries. Since 2006, the university established collaborative relationships with RMIT University, Australia, The Hongkong Polytechnic University, and Staffordshire University, UK, to accelerate the reform of talent cultivation pattern and to deepen the strategy of staff development. Over the past few years, more than 4 hundred graduates go abroad for further study. Over one hundred staff members have been sent to overseas for pursuing advanced degree and conducting academic exchange. Currently, university aims to explore more and more channel for international exchange and cooperation, enhance the extent and scope of educational internationalization that has been regarded as one of the key strategy for University development.


The university has always been upholding the socialist orientation concept in its operation, reinforcing the construction of CPC political belief, endeavoring to create friendly and positive cultivation environment, launching a wide range of campus science and cultural activities. Students’ innovative spirits and practical ability have been remarkably enhanced, achieving highly recognized by employing units. The student employment ratio in the last three years was over 97 per cent.


As demonstrating the motto of “MING DE BO XUE, ZI QIANG YOU WEI” (seek truth and be erudite, improve yourself and promise commitment), Foshan University is committed to approaching to be a dynamic, innovative and integrated developing institution with emphasis on science and engineering specialties. In pursuit of high quality and unique features, Foshan University is constructing the subject platforms, improving talents training patterns, gradually implementing “Four Strategies”, “Eight Projects” and New Campus Development Plan. With full energy, inclusive attitude, open-minded and determined reform inspiration, Foshan University has been making greater efforts to set a foothold in local community, meet the challenges facing to the basic level, and establish a local comprehensive university with excellent quality and distinctive features.

English Teachers Number required: 1 Post


Contract Period: 1st Sep, 2024 - 15th Jul, 2025
                             1st Mar, 2025 - 31st Jan, 2026


Requirements: TEFL and two years teaching experience preferred


Monthly Salary: 12,000 RMB or above


Teaching hours: 16-18 classes per week / two days off per week


Age of students: 19-20 years old


Accommodation: provide good accommodation, telephone, air-condition


Medical Insurance: The same treatment as the colleagues in our school


Other Perks: Free Mandarin lessons


Paid Holiday: Two days off per week on Saturday and Sunday.

*National day in October (7 days), Christmas in December (1 day) and New Year in January (2 days) and *Labor Day in May (7 days)

*The common practice in China for golden week holidays is such that the employee will have 7 consecutive days off. (3 days paid holiday, 2 weekend days, 2 extra days to be compensated for by employee working on weekends either before or after the golden week).


Work permit : The school will provide work permit for China at no cost to the teacher.


Air-ticket Reimbursement: On completion of a school year contract, a round way air-ticket reimbursement will be made.


Closest Airport: Guangzhou Airport