Tangshan Yingcai School, Luannan

Tangshan EIE (Tangshan Yingcai School, Luannan, Tangshan, Hebei province)

A total English immersion program, all courses are instructed in English only by native speakers from native English speaking countries



Course:English (ESL), Grammar, Reading, Writing, Nusiness English, World Culture(Geography/History), and Would Affairs/Global Issues.
We also have two degree programs at Yantai EIE, THEY ARE Global Busibness Management, Global Hospitality and Tourism Management.All classes are taught in English only. The goal of the program is that graduate students can communicate confidently in English in any situation. In addition to classroom activities the schools have a full program of extr-curricular activities to which teachers are expected to contribute. All teaching materials are provided.

1. Minimum qualifications are a native English speakers from US or Cananda, and
2. A Bachelor Degree  plus a TEFL certificate

School year:Regualr program: Normal school year from Sep to Jun, with a paid 4-6 weeks Spring Festival break in Jan-Feb;Summer Program: From middle of Jul to middle of Aug (1 week
orientation and 4 week teaching)Specially arranged Co-op programs (4-48 weeks program)

Contract duration: We offer 1 year (10 months) and 2 year (22 months) contracts. One semester (5 months) contracts are also available to qualified candidates.We offer special contracts to teachers who can teach a special course.We also offer special contracts to students registered with co-op programs from 4 weeks to 48 weeks.

Contract peroid: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                             1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024   

Salary:Ranges from RMB10,000 Yuan or above. Teachers with higher degrees, more work experience, are paid at a higher level. Recent graduates with no work experience are paid less.(This salary is high by Chinese standards and is more than adequate to live on,s ave some money and travel in China.)

Accommodation: Paid by EIE English Education with limited utilities covered.Facilities vary from comfortable hotel-type teacher residences to private furnished apartments with western facilities, depending ont he location of the EIE School.

Airfare allowance: RMB 10,000 Yuan for one-year or longer contract,RMB 5,000 Yuan for 5 month contract. No Airfare or visa assistance for summer program, but salary and accommodation are provided.

Free Chinese lessons: EIE offers same level 2 free Chinese language classes per week for ELE teachers.

Visas and work permit: EIE provides assistance in obtaining the proper visa, licenses and residence permit that permit the candidate to work in China. Visa fees are vocered by teachers.

Medical care: Basic medical care allowance for routine visits to the doctor, but candidate must provide own insurance for medical problems and major emergencies during the contract period.

Working hours: 20 classes (50 minutes per class) plus two-hour homework duty per week in maximum

Vacation: All major Chinese holidays and Christmas, New Year. In addition, schools close for 4-6 weeks for Chinese New Year break. Salary continues in all vacation periods. Two-year contract includes paid summer vacation.

Management of teaching affairs: Academic program managed by experienced Canadian and American teachers. All schools have bilingual office staff/teachers assistants.


Travel assistance: All the office staff and teacher assistance speaks English and Chinese, and provide assistance with travel arrangments and teacher support.