Yiwu Qunxing Private School

Yiwu city, Zhejiangprovince



Yiwu, located in the central part ofZhejiangProvince, covers an area of 1,105 sq km with 6 towns and 7 sub-districts and has 716,000 local residents and more than 1 million resident migrant workers.


With prehistoric roots that go back to the Stone Age, Yiwu has been in the annals of Chinese civilization since the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) first unitedChina. As a county and city, Yiwu prospered quietly, but it wasn't until the 1980s whenChinaopened up its economy that Yiwu really took off. Set up as an experimental economic zone, Yiwu has run with it and become a major center of international trade in small commodities, boasting the largest single 'open-air' market inChina(it's under a roof but consists of numerous vendor stalls).



Yiwu enjoys plenty of sunshine and rainfall and a year-round mild climate with annual average temperature of 17.1° C (63° F). Summers tend to be humid and hot, and winter can be damp and chilly, while spring and fall, including October, when the city hosts the Yiwu International Commodities Fair, are quite pleasant.




Yiwu has convenient transportation toShanghai,Hangzhouand the other cities ofZhejiangProvince. Currently, it is possible for visitors to arrive in Yiwu by its almost completed traffic network.YiwuAirportis now under expansion, and the project is predicted to be finished this year. A newTerminalBuildingwith an area of 18,000 square meters (about 21,528 square yards), able to house 1,000 persons during the peak hour, will be constructed under this project. The apron will be enlarged to include parking for 6 planes. At present, there are about 10 domestic airlines operating here, connecting toBeijingandGuangzhoueveryday, toChengduon Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as well as to Shenzhen,Xiamen,Changsha,KunmingandShantouon every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. June, 2006, the new Railway Station of Yiwu came into service. It is located at theChangjiangban Village of Houzhai Street, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away from the city center. With quality facilities, the New Railway Station of Yiwu plays an important role in the middle part ofZhejiangProvince. At present, the trains that depart fromBeijing,Shanghai,Chongqing,Chengdu,Guangzhou,Nanjingand some other large and medium-sized cities can reach Yiwu directly everyday. At the same, there are frequent trains departing fromHangzhouto Yiwu every day. In July, 2006, it also became the departure station for three trains respectively toHangzhou,Shanghaiand Taizhou.



The top characteristic and advantage of Yiwu is its market-oriented economy. Since it opened the commodity market in 1982, the first of its kind in China, which relocated for 5 times and expanded for 9 times, Yiwu has established a market system that boasts 20 key streets and 11 professional markets (including communication market, electronic apparatus market, second hand market, auto city, Yiwu decoration city, goods resource market, Yiwu agricultural trade city, furniture market, second-hand car market, timber market and publication center), with such supporting elements as transportation, property rights and labor. The market reaches a total area of 2,600,000 square meters, brings together more than 0.4 million commodities of 1,901 major categories in 41 industries. A total of 50,000 operators are on the market.


Introduction of the school

Zhejiang Yiwu Qunxing Private School, which was founded in july, 1995, once was namedYiwu Qunxing PrivateMiddle School. In 1997, it increased to establish the primary school department and changed its name to the present one. In 2000, it was given the title 'Zhejiang Advanced Model Private School' . In 2003 the middle school and high school have been considered as 'ZhejiangA-classNomalMiddle School' . And in 2004 the primary School has been assessed 'ZhejiangModelPrimary School' by the Department of Education ofZhejiang.

From the foundation of the school in 1995, it has been almost ten years. The founder,Mr.Zhao guoliang, with his 'Qunxing People' has been sticking to the tenet 'to be a decent person, to seek knowledge, and to be a capable person' . They insist that developing the school bases on the practice of moral education. With ten years of encouragement , painstaking effort and texpectation, Qunxing has been devloped into a special way that combines the traditional ideas with modern thoughts after it conquered the most difficulties. Now the ten-year-old school is walking up to perfect,successful and proud future.

build-up area of 60000m2 ,with about one hundred acres of scenic campus and fifty-six classes with 2300 students studying in it, including more than 300 teachers and workers.It has been a famous private school in Zhejiang Province.

Pictures and pages record all the solicitude and support from all govermments, leaders of all-level education departments and experts; save cares and loves of social people of different walks of life, parents and the brother schools; explain how the founder Mr. Zhao guoliang runs the school; show all the achievements about the school and special characteristics of running the school; present the spirits of teachers and the students’ hardship to start a business and how to overcome all the diffculties. This album of paintings contains all the achievements which 5000 teachers and students have gotten for the past ten years. Their heroic exploits will go down in this paintings.
We enjoy the past and imaging the future. Qunxing moves forward to long steps with confidence for the next 10 years. A group of 'Qunxing People' are trying their best to expand a new space of development to get a new achievement in the future and to realive their new dreams.


Qualification Requirements:

Native English speaker/BA or higher/over 2 years teaching experience preferred /TEFL or TESOL cer

Positions :

2 ESL teachers for the primary school

2 ESL teachers for the senior high school

Salary: 8000RMB – 10,000RMB

Annual bonus: 15,000 or above (based on performance)

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                                1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Class size: 10-30

Airfare reimbursement: 2000RMB – 8000RMB ( Depending on actual airfare upon completion of a one-year contract)

Accommodation: A well-furnished apartment with necessary electric applicances for free usage

                  Free electricity and water within a limited amount.

Paid holiday: winter holiday’ summer vacation; Christmas Day; May Day; National Day, as well

as other PRC public holidays.

Insurance/Foreign expert permit/Residence permit: arranged for and paid by the school.