North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering

Located in Hebei,Langfang

Langfang, is a prefecture-level city of Hebei province, located approximately midway between Beijing and Tianjin with a total population of 3.85 million and an urban area population of 763,700. Langfang borders Baoding to the southwest, Cangzhou to the south (both prefecture-level cities of Hebei), Beijing to the north and Tianjin to the east. It is the smallest prefecture-level city of Hebei by land area.

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North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, founded in 1978, is a recognized undergraduate university recruiting the students from all over the country. It offers two-level programs both at bachelor and diploma degrees. It has become a comprehensive university of high reputation comprised of various departments of science, engineering, art, social sciences, law, economics, management, languages, etc., with engineering as its focus.


It provides bachelor and diploma degree in the following majors: Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Civil Engineering ,Aircraft Design , Business Management , Law , Sociology, Foreign Language and Literature and Economics.


The institute covers an area of 753 hectare with the construction area of 294,000 square meters. The current students total over 11,387 and the full-time faculty about 776. The teaching facilities reach the value of RMB 70 million. The collection of library is extensive which stores 770,000 volumes of printing documents and books.

It has actively and intensively developed its international academic exchange programs and cooperation with universities and research institutions from many countries, including Germany, Britain, Japan, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia. It has signed the Student Exchange Agreement with University of Wolverhampton in Britain and University of Regensburg in Germany.



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Full-time English Teachers needed

Number required: 1-2 Posts

Contract Periods:  1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                               1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Requirements: BA + two years teaching experience needed or BA + TEFL cert. (+some teaching experience preferred)

Monthly Salary: RMB 10,000 or above ( 12-16 teaching hours per week)

Accommodation: a private apartment with private bedroom, washroom, color TV with cable, air-conditioner, telephone, microwave, washing machine, shower, 24 hour hot water supply, free supply of electricity (monthly maximum of RMB 200 per head), free water, complete supply of bedding (including bed-Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels).

Internet access (Free): computer with internet access (broadband) in the school and apartment.

Ages of students: 18-21

Paid Holidays: Two days off per week; all public holidays in China; winter holiday

New Year in January (1) day; *Chinese New Year in January/February (3) days; Qing Ming Festival in April (1) day; Labor Day in May (1) day; *National Day in October (3) day

*The common practice in China for golden week holiday in October is such that the employee will have 7 consecutive days off. Winter holiday in Jan and Feb about(40)days.

Travel allowance: 1100 RMB per school year

Air ticket reimbursement: On completion of one school year contract, a travel allowance RMB 2000 will be made.