2009 Zhuhai English summer camp course

A Brief Introduction of Zhuhai city

Zhuhai is situated in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province. It faces Hong Kong on the east across the Lingding Ocean, Macau on the south, Xinhui and Taishan on the west, and Zhongshan on the north. It is 150 kilometers away from Guangzhou. Zhuhai has jurisdiction over Xiangzhou District and Doumen County. Its total land area reaches 1,300 square kilometers.

Located at 21° 48” to 22° 27” N and 113° 3” to 114° 18” E, Zhuhai has a subtropical monsoon climate. The city enjoys adequate sunshine and rainfall. The annual average temperature is 22.4 °C. The temperature in January and February is the lowest. The temperature rises in April. From May to September it gets relatively hotter and more rainfall. The annual average precipitation is 1,700 to 2,300 millimeters. East wind blows all the year. However, southeast wind dominates in the summer and northeast wind dominates in the winter. In summer and autumn, typhoon hits the city. The average relative air humidity is 79%.

Zhuhai is a garden-like seaside tourist city, where flowers blossom all year round. In 1999, it was granted “International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment” by United Nations Center for Human Settlement and was the only winner of the award in China. Besides, it won series of titles such as “Top Tourist City of China”, “State Garden Green City”, “State Environmental Protection Model City” and “State Hygienic City”.

In 2000, Zhuhai was granted the title of “National Level Ecology Demonstration Zone” by the Sate Administration of Environmental Protection. Zhuhai adjoins Macau and is close to Hong Kong. Through the international-standard Zhuhai Airport, people can go to destinations all over the world. 

Characteristics in tourism: a garden-like seaside tourist city with beautiful environment and clean air. 

A Brief Introduction of the 2009 Zhuhai English Summer Camp
The Camp Organizer: China Connection Education Service

Teachers needed: 10-15

Contract Length of Camps: July 8 to July 19, 2009- 12 days (camp1)
August 5 to August 16, 2009 -12days (camp2)

Salary: 4000RMB per camp

Accommodation: shared accommodation (2 teachers per room) at a beautiful villa If a teacher wants to have a private room without sharing, she/he needs to pay 900RMB extra per camp

Teaching Schedule:
Mornings : The teachers will teach from 9:00 am to 11:50 am in the mornings, 2 breaks of 10 minutes in between. One morning for opening ceremony.
Lunch/Noon break: 12:00 noon to 2:45pm.

Afternoons: The teachers will teach from 3:00pm – 3:50 pm in the afternoon, from 4:00pm-5:45 pm for different kinds of activities.

Dinner: 6:00pm-6:45pm
Evenings: One Evening: welcome party from 7:30pm-9:00pm
One Evening: Barbecue in the camp between 6:00pm-8:30pm.

One Evening: making dumplings in the camp between 6:00pm-8:30pm
One Evening farewell party from 7:30pm-9:00pm

Four free nights for foreigner teachers from 4:00pm up to

Meals: Paid for by the Organizer.

Age of Students: 10 -20 years
Number of students: 250 per camp, 25 students per class
Travel bonus:
*Free Tour Arrangements:
from 20 -21 July 2009 for Camp 1 ; 17-18 August 2009 for camp 2

(2 days / 1 night, staying at Ocean Spring Metropark Hotel)

Visiting and experiencing with the wonderful abundance of hot spring produce on display at the Ocean Hot Spring Resort.(60 kinds of worldwide hot-springs and let you feel different kinds of worldwide culture). Ocean Spring Resort, dubbed the No.1 Spring in South China, is the core of the resort, where the thermal spring is said to contain more than 30 trace elements favourable for human health…
Visiting and experiencing with The Mysterious Island theme park packs the world’s latest and Asia's first Leaning Tower, “Fanatical Squirrel”, “Gushing Dynamo” and the propulsion roller coaster among numerous other advanced and highly charged entertainment facilities that will push one's adrenaline to top gear. At the same time, Asia's first theme park expansion training camp that spans 6000m2 brings together world-leading expansion facilities and training concepts to trigger one's potential. The experimental base-camp for teamwork, execution prowess and creativity
Free Intensive Mandarin course from 25 July to 30 July -6 days

(students need to pay for their own accommodation, 100RMB per night )
Objectives of the Program: 
1. To provide a platform for the students to understand China, a window to Asian culture. In the form of the course, students can appreciate the extravagant China cultural background and civilization relics of 5,000 years standing in a relaxed and pleasant environment. At the same time, students can perceive the vibrant developmental growth of present day China. It is a way to build a bridge to facilitate the exchange of friendship and national relationship between China and the rest of the world. 

2. To help Non-Chinese speakers in adapting a new language and understand the basic formation of Chinese syllables, pinyin, and phonetics symbols. 
* understand the Chinese syllables, pinyin, phonetics symbols;
* learn new simplified Chinese characters and practical vocabularies;
* enhance conversational skill;
* be able to exchange simple conversations in Mandarin;

For new students who enrol to non-beginner course will be notified to participate in a placement test. 

Course Outline: Major Courses:-This Program is designed to immerse participants in Mandarin through class instruction, language exchange with native Mandarin speakers, and optional electives. The programs integrate of the language: speaking, listening, basic writing, phonetics, and vocabulary. Topics studied include everyday situations and Chinese culture, society, and history. 

Electives:-To really understand a language, knowledge of the country's culture and way of life is important. As such, a range of free electives is offered as part of the program. The electives are designed to build phonetics, vocabulary and Chinese idioms. Each elective is made up of a series of classes that are held in the afternoons and evenings. 

Chinese Songs - Learn to sing traditional folk and current pop songs.

Calligraphy - Discover the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy. Learn and practice the different styles of calligraphy.

Chinese Painting - Learn the elements of traditional Chinese watercolor painting.

Chinese kung fu /Taichi- Learn how to perform movements of simplified to keep a healthy mind and body. 

Please find more information about the Summer Programs below:-

1. The Organizer does not pay for airfare. Provided free by the Organizer are boarding, lodgingand traveling during their stay in Zhuhai.

2. What level of English are the students at?
The students are from age 10 to 20, most of them know about 500 -2,000 English words. 

3. Am I given a curriculum?
Upon arrival at the camp, teachers will be informed of the grade they will teach. Teaching material will be printed and distributed to students before the camp begins. Main emphasis is placed on conversational English training. The objective is to help students use what they have learned through listening to and speaking of English.

4. Will I have a Chinese-speaking teaching assistant to help me?
Yes, there is an English speaking assistant in each class (about 20-25 students) to help you. 

5. If a teacher attends the two camps and he/she only be allowed to join the Free Tour (2 days/1 night) once 

To apply, please use our application form (www.teachenglishinchina.com/infoteachers.htm). Make sure you attach in your email your recent color photo, passport page, diploma, TESOL certificate and reference letters in Jpeg format to allow us to make a quick hiring decision. Email to: