2003 Summer Camp in Wuhan

1) New Sunshine School Training School, Wuhan, China
2) New Oriental School, Wuhan, China 
(Two separate joint projects with China Connection Education Service, Hong Kong)

Wuhan, China, Wuhan (a closer look) 
The Camp Organizers

These two summer camps are organized as two separate joint ventures between China Connection Education Service of Hong Kong with New Sunshine Training School and Wuhan New Oriental School of Wuhan. 

  1) New Sunshine Training School is an established educational establishment recognized by the national education authority. It is housed in a modern school compound with sophisticated facilities. 

  2) Wuhan New Oriental School is the Wuhan branch of the well known nationwide English language training school.

  A registered business corporation in Hong Kong, China Connection Education Service has been successfully recruiting many native English speaking teachers for private and public schools, colleges, universities and Foreign Affairs Offices in Mainland China since 2000 and running a language training centre in Hong Kong since 1999.

Teachers needed: 15
(Contract is only offered for teaching 2 consecutive camps i.e. Camps 1 & 2 or Camps 2 & 3 or all 3 camps)
  Contract Length of Camps: July 12 to August 5, 2003 

Meet the Foreign Teachers
Meet the Foreign Teachers Interview Morning Class
Morning Class Morning Class Outdoor Activity
Game Time Performance at Closing Ceremony Handing Out Completion Certificates
Handing Out Completion Certificates

The following is a brief introduction to the city of Wuhan:-
Wuhan City viewed from the Yangtze River East Lake
Wuhan Temple Yellow Crane Tower
Wuhan City is located in the central part of China, spanning almost the whole of Jianghan Plain. It sits at the confluence of the world's third longest river, Yangtze River. Areas around Wuhan are Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Henan provinces.
The majority of the city is not higher than 50 meters above sea level with low and smooth terrain on the plain. There are more than 100 lakes inside the city.
Wuhan occupies 8,467 sq. km. and maintains a population of 7.16 million, 4.86 of which belong to the urban area. Inside Wuhan, there are tribes like Han, Hui, Manchu, Miao, Tujia and Mongolian.
Wuhan is a city with a long history and a glorious revolutionary tradition. It has has been an important ancient town since the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Spring and Autumn Period, as well as the Warring States. The first shot of the Revolution of 1911 that overthrew the rule of 2000 years feudalism in China was made in Wuhan. 
The city falls under the sub-tropical humid monsoon climate. It has 4 clearly demarcated seasons: cold and dry winters, hot and humid summers, plenty of sunshine and frost free period of 220-250 days. It earned the name of "stove" being the best known hot city in China.
The local delicates include Wuchang fish, laotongcheng doupi, cailingi hot dry noodle, xiataoyuan weitang soup, tanyanji dumpling and Wuhan mianwo.
The tourist attaractions include Yellow Crane Pagoda, East Lake, Huanghelou, Wudanshan, Gui Yuan Temple, etc.