Jiangxi Normal University (Nanchang, Jiangxi)

Jiangxi Normal University is located in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province. It has been one of the members of state-province jointly construction and mid-western infrastructure projects since 2012.The university is rich in historical and cultural background and well-known for its reputation for natural abundance and heroic endeavor. At present, there are 3 campuses, at Lake Yaohu Campus, Lake Qingshanhu Campus and Gongqing City Campus. The University's fields of study include History, Philosophy, Economics, Management, Law, Physics, Engineering, Education and Fine Arts. Teacher training and non-teacher training co-exist on the three campuses. As its name implies, it is concerned with teacher training, but not to the exclusion of other fields of study. The University has a considerable influence on the political, economic, cultural and social development of Jiangxi province, and the provincial government has designated it a priority  normal  university at the provincial level.

The University occupies an area of more than 300 ha, and its buildings have a total floor space of more than 1,400,000㎡. Its library holdings include more than three million hard text volumes, with an additional million volumes held as electronic texts. The Lake Yao Campus is unique among the other two because it is not enclosed by a wall: rather, it is encircled by the 7km Yaohu Canal, giving it a particular social and ecological character of its own.
The school's historical antecedents might be said to include the White Deer Cave Academy on Mt. Lushan, founded in the Tang dynasty and revived by Zhu Xi in the Song period. Its modern history began in 1940 with the founding of Zhongzheng University, named after the Nationalist leader Jiang Zhongzheng, better known in English as Chiang Kai-shek. The name was changed in 1949 to Nanchang University, and again in 1953 to Nanchang Normal Academy. In 1983 it was given its present name, Jiangxi Normal University. It has the longest history of offering undergraduate education of any general institution of higher learning in Jiangxi province. In 2003, the Jiangxi Banking School was renovated and merged with our University.
The University has the right to grant Doctoral degrees, as well as it is the first batch of colleges or universities which are granted Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees throughout China at the highest national level. It currently has two mobile post-doctoral stations and one post-doctoral scientific research work station. It has three disciplines in which it is authorized to grant doctoral degrees at the highest level and twenty-four in which it is authorized to grant doctorates at the second level. There are twenty-six disciplines in which it is authorized to grant Master’s degrees at the first level and fifteen at the second level (not including those covered by the first-level authorization), together with eleven other programmes which may grant Master’s degrees. There are sixty-eight undergraduate majors, among which six are national level specialized majors, and twenty-five provincial level “trade-mark” majors. In the Twelfth Five-year Plan categories, there are four disciplines at the Province's upper level and nine which are key Province-level disciplines in higher education. There are three Master’s programmes recognized as Twelfth Five-year Plan Province-level models for higher education.


Think calmly and act with integrity, hold fast to what is true and right, the school motto, using the original name 中正:
Be unified, diligent, realistic and creative, our ideal school spirit:
Make humanity the foundation and serve society, our educational philosophy:
Persevere in the task, whatever the setbacks, our school tradition:
Build the school with quality, nurture it with talent, strengthen it with creativity, mould it with culture, and enrich it with harmony,our educational ideal, and
Be patriotic and loyal to the school, be democratic and harmonious (fraternal), be scientific and practical, be open-minded and creative, the spirit of our University.

Position: 3-4
contract period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                             1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Salary: RMB 8,000 or above
Workload: 14-16 teaching hours per week 
Flight: round way international airefare
Medical allowance provided
Holidays: Public vacations and winter and vacation with salary.
Accommodation: free  apartment on campus with free Internet,water ,gas and electricity with cooking utensils provided