Ningbo College of Health Sciences (Zhejiang)

Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

Brief Introduction to Ningbo College of Health Sciences

Located in the famous historical and cultural city and the fashionable harbor city Ningbo, situated at Ningbo Higher Education Park with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery, the school is a full-time regular institution of higher education. At present, there are over 6500 full-time students and over 3300 students for adult education. At present, the school consists of five branches, including the Nursing College, the College of Medical Technology, the College of Health Service and Management, the College of Continuing Education, the Department of Humanities and Social Science.


Teachers' Salary & Benefits
1. Teachers' monthly salary will be 7000 RMB before tax (negotiable), including winter and summer holiday.
2. The college will provide the medical insurance and accidental insurance during the contract.
3. Teachers will enjoy 8000 RMB for trip per year.
4. The college will pay 4000 RMB for commute per year, or provide dormitory with indoor’s basic living facilities; Teachers may use student canteen.
5. Salary cap: 7000*12+8000+4000=96000(negotiable) or above

6.Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                                1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024


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1. Teachers will have 14 teaching hours of classes on average every week (a total 560 teaching hours yearly); the types of class include standard classroom teaching, lecture, competition training and instruction, etc. Teachers will have 2-3 night classes weekly as courses require, also might work at weekends occasionally. Teachers will be given 80RMB for one extra teaching hour if the total teaching hours exceed 560 in a year as work requires.
2. Teachers should comply with the regulations and requirement by the college and prepare the teaching plan of the course.
3. Teachers should prepare for the teaching and write down the teaching procedures carefully before class, and then correct students’ homework and tutor students learning English after class. 
4. Teachers should prepare test papers for the final exam, check the papers, record the marks.
5. No delay for or earlier departure from class than duly scheduled is allowed. Apply for leave in the case of personal affairs or physical inconvenience. No shift or cancellation of class.
6. In addition, participate in academic research activities; Provide guidance to students' activities and competitions.
7. Any intentional failure of work accomplishment or violation against principles would be addressed in accordance with relevant stipulation and lead to potential deduction of salary.

Attention: the timetable for the first semester is flexible, and the college wants teachers to fit in, so as to know each other better.