Hubei University of Arts and Science

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Hubei University of Arts and Science

Hubei University of Arts and Science ( HBUAS ) , with the approval of the State Ministry of Education , is a comprehensive university. The main buildings are located in Xiangfan city-the second largest city and the third largest tourist city in Hubei Province. The campus is hemmed in by mountains with secluded surroundings and pleasant scenery. It is an ideal place for study.

HBUAS covers an area of 1000000 square meters, housing 400000-square-meter floorage. It has a library collecting 800000 books, magazines and periodicals. HBUAS has more than 11000 students for full-time study, and 6000 adult education students. It has about 1250 working staff, 750 of them are full-time teachers, including 250 professors and associate professors, and 300 teachers with doctorate and master’s degrees. HBUAS has 32 departments, offering 5 specialities for undergraduate students and professional training which belongs respectively to 8 disciplnes such as Pedagogy, Arts, History, Science, Engineering, Economics, Laws and Administration. 

HBUAS has gained splendid fruits in teaching and researching fields with the reform in recent years. It’s outcomes of teaching and resourching have won prizes at State/province-level. There are 2000 essays have been published and 20 patent rights. 

HBUAS has frequent contacts with foreign countries and exchange. There are foreign teachers here. It has established long-term cooperating relationship with univesities from such countries as America, Singapore and Russia. It has sent about 60 students for further study in these countries. 



The Teaching Position

Teachers Required: 1

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                           1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Salary : RMB 9,000-9,500 / month

Age of students: University Students

Working hours: 16 hours per week (Monday to Friday ), weekends off

Holidays: paid holiday in Winter (one month).

Airfare: Return tickets reimbursed at the end of one full school year contract, If no air-ticket is taken at the end of the contract period, a cash bonus shall be paid at RMB10,000 for one year contract. 

Travel Allowance: RMB 2,200 for One year Contract 

Accommodation: A private apartment with two bedrooms and one living room on campus, color TV with cable, heating, air-conditioning, kitchen, shower, microwave, complete cooking utilities, washing machine, refrigerator, bed sheets and accessories, 24-hours supply of electricity and running water. 

Internet Access: Computer with internet access both in apartment and on campus. 

Others: Free Mandarin Lessons