Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture

Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture

Suzhou, Jiangsu province

Suzhou is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta, in the south of Jiangsu Province, with Shanghai to the east, Zhejiang Province to the south, Wuxi City to the west and the Yangtze River to the north. Since 42% area of the city is covered by water, including a vast number of ponds and streams, Suzhou is praised as the 'Oriental Venice'. Taihu Lake, four fifths of which is in the territory of Suzhou, is one of the four largest fresh lakes in China, with East Hill, West Hill and other scenic spots in its vicinity. The city is cut by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from north to south. Together with its mild climate, making it an available destination all year round, fertile landscape and abundance of produce, it is no wonder that Suzhou is called 'paradise on earth'. 

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Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture is a fulltime institution of higher education authorized by the Government of Jiangsu Province and registered with the Ministry of Education. It has been one hundred year since it was founded in 1907. Now, the institute covers an area of about 55 hectare. 


It has set up 13 teaching units: the Horticulture and Garden Department, the Agricultural Engineering Department, the Food Processing Department, the Department of Electronic Information Technology, the Economy and TradeDepartment, the Humanities Department , the Basic Course Department, the Teaching and Research Section of Ideological Education, the Teaching and Research Section of Physical Training, the Teaching and Research Section of Military Theory, the Experiment Center, the Horticulture Center and the Dongshan Pomiculture Research Center. 


The institute has over 6,300 students and more than 400teachers, nearly 72% of whom have the senior and intermediate academic titles. Recently, under the leadership of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the Provincial Department of Education, with the support from all social circles, the institute carries out the higher vocational principles of teaching service, obtaining employment and ability oriented and 3-in-1 involving teaching,research and production.

The institute follows out the strategy of famous institute, famous ma-jor, famous teaching staff and teaching-research-and-production integration. The institute insists on developing its quality and scientific research, strengthening its feature and governing itself according to law. In order to make the institute prosper, special attention is paid to 6 projects. As a result, a lots of talented persons are cultivated here, who serves for farmers, rural areas and agriculture. The institute is accessed a lot of honor titles, such as “The Ad-vanced Unit of the Nation,InvitingForeign Cultural and Educational Experts”“The Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Province on Vocational Education”“The Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Province ”“The Advanced School of Jiangsu Province”“The Advanced Collectivity of Jiangsu Province on the Employmentof Graduates”“The Advanced College of Jiangsu Province on Science and Technol-ogy”and other governmental titles.

The institute is the vicedirector of the Teaching Instruct-ion Committee of National Agriculture Vocational Academy and theAgriculture Educational Speci-ality Council of the China Association of Agriculture. The institute is vice chairman of an executive council of the National Agricultural Vocational Education.

Job responsibility

Provide students with oral English lessons (business English oriented)

Stimulate students’ enthusiasm for speaking English and make sure students can listen and talk in class.

Finish basic attendance check; assignment correcting and other work required by the institute (online and offline).

Other work related to teaching.

English teaching positions: 2 Oral English Teachers

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                           1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Age of Potential Students: 20

Scale of Students of a Regular Class: 25-30

Course Content: Oral English (Business English Oriented)

Workload: 16-20 class-hours per week; 40 minutes per class-hour; weekends off

Compensation: 120,000-140,000 RMB/year (negotiable by interview based on better qualifications of the candidate over the requirements mentioned)


Our institute provides free accommodation inside of our main campus (basic utilities, restroom, kitchen included.)

If the teacher chooses to reside outside of campus, he/she shall pay the rent by himself/herself (about 2000RMB/month of the surrounding area).

Flight: round way international airefare

Medical insurance provided