Huanggang Normal University (Hubei province)

Huanggang city,Hubei Province

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Huanggang is a prefecture-level city in easternmost Hubei Province, China. It is situated to the north of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and is bounded in the north by the Dabie Mountains and is named after Mount Huanggang. It borders Henan in the north, Anhui in the east and Jiangxi in the south.

The city's administrative area covers 17,453 square kilometers (6,739 sq mi) and the total population was 7.4031 million as of the 2017 census, 366,769 of whom resided in the urban area, making it the second most populous city in the province by administrative population, after Wuhan, the provincial capital. The Ezhou – Huanggang built-up (or metro) area was home to 1,035,496 inhabitants comprising (Echeng district and Huangzhou district of Huanggang), and many of its residents work in Wuhan. In 2007, the city is named China's top ten livable cities by Chinese Cities Brand Value Report, which was released at the 2007 Beijing Summit of China Cities Forum.


Brief introduction of the school

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Huanggang Normal University (HNU) , the regular , full-time local normal university directly under the Educational Administration of Hubei Province , gives priority to undergraduate education while doing professional training and to normal specialities while doing non-normal subjects.  

The predecessor of HNU was Huangzhou Normal School founded in 1905 and renamed Huanggang Country Teachers school of Hubei Province in 1937, then , Huanggang Teachers school of Hubei Province in March , 1950. HNU was approved by the State Council under the name of Huanggang Teachers Professional Training School in 1978 and was elected the first National Advanced Teachers College in 1988. In March 1999, it was formally renamed Huanggang Normal University by the Ministry of Education.   

HNU is located in the historic and cultural city on the bank of the Yangtze River—Huangzhou. Huanggang district possesses profound cultural foundation and glorious revolutionary tradition and is abundant in giants from ancient times to the present , such as Bi Sheng , Li Shizhen , Wang Yanan , Xiong shili , Wen Yiduo, Li Siguang , Dong Biwu , Chen Tanqiu , Li Xiannian , Wang Shusheng , Lin Yuying and so on. The well-known “General county ” 、 “ Professor County ” 、 “ Newspaperman County ” 、 “ Doctor Street” make up the splendid humanism and historic background of Huanggang district. HNU is the cradle of teachers in the East of Hubei Province.   

HNU consists of three campuses—Zhuming Mount ain, Yinpan Mountain and South Lake , covering over 1252.68 mu with school house of 329000 square meter and the fixed capital of 342 million . The number of fulltime students in HNU amounts to 12407 and that of students in adult education college to 1567. There are 585 teachers on the payroll including 42 professors, 123 associate professors, 115 teachers with doctor’s or master’s degree and 18 foreign teachers . HNU sets up a large group of foundational labs ,professional labs , Visual-audio labs and multi–media classrooms possessing 7,708 sets/pieces of teaching and research instrument and equipment , the total value of which amounts to 46.529 million . Besides , there are 137 practicing bases out of campus. Its library has a collection of 741,700 books, 1,605 periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages and nearly 11,000 periodicals of electronic editions, which are sufficient for the students’ study and the teachers’ teaching and scientific research .  

HNU has now 13 teaching colleges/departments, namely, Literature College , Foreign Language College , Art College , Department of political science and law, Teaching University English Department , Department of trade and economy, Mathematics Department , Department of physics and electric technology , Chemistry Department , Biology Department , Department of physical education , educational technology Department , and Computer Science Department ,consisting of 35 specialities (25 for undergraduate and 10 for graduate ) including Chinese Language and Literature , Broadcast and TV News , English , Japanese, Arts , Art design- ing , Musicology , Musical Performance , Ideological and Political Education , Political and Executive Science , Science of Law , International Economy and Trade , Mathematics and Applied Mathematics , Information and Counting Science, Physics , Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineer-ing, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biological Science , Food Science and Engineering, Physical Education , Pedagogical Technology, Broadcast and TV Directing, Computer Science and Technology, and so on. Some specialities are distinct in subjects. The arts and musicology are the experimental specialities of ministry of Education, the Chinese language and literature is the famous speicality in colleges and universities of Hubei province. The study of Chinese ancient literature is one of the key studies in Hubei Province. There are a group of advanced teaching and research sections and excellent courses of provincial level.   

HNU attaches great importance to teaching and academic research and sets up ten kinds of funds to finance it---the fund for modernized teaching reform, the fund for the writing of teaching material, the fund for achieve- ments in teaching research, the fund for achievements in academic research , the found for nurturing talents of the New Century, the fund for international communications, the fund for rewarding outstanding students, the fund for instructions of professors or experts, the fund for winning honor for our university and the fund for students’ activities . From 2001 to 2003 , HNU has been undertaking 182 research projects including five provincial ones and 91 ones of Bureau lever , winning 17 awards for research achievements of provincial level. In addition, 76 academic monographs and text books and 2480 academic treatises have been published , of which 24 were indexed by the major international indexing systems of Science Citation Index (SCI) and Engineering Index (EI) , 432 articles of drawing or creative works also has been published. The research of Chinese ancient literature, the research of revolution history of the east of Hubei province and the research of English long-distance educa- tion are influential amongst the equivalent colleges and universities nationwide.   

HNU actively carries out a wide range of international educational and cultural exchanges. It has established intercommunion and cooperation with some universities, colleges and educational or research institutes in America, Britain, Australia, France, Japan and so on. More than 80 foreign experts and teachers have been invited to teach or give lectures at HNU and over 10 foreign teachers works at teaching post all the year round. Many faculty members have been sent abroad for training, visit or doing research in the USA, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany , Japan, Norway, Hongkong, Macao and so on. Moreover, there has been substantial progress in the following aspects: running university jointly with overseas universities and sent out scholars and students mutually.   

HNU lays stress on innovation education and quality education endeavoring to educate comprehensive students to meet the need of society . HNU has gained considerable results in variety of national competitions, such as the National Undergraduate Competition of Mathematical modeling , Electronic designing, English Teaching, the Speech Contest , the Singing Contest, the Sports Meeting and the like. The achievements of students in scientific research and creative works are abundant, there have been published more than 2000 pieces of writings or works. The graduates of HNU received warm welcome by the employment units for solid knowledge , outstanding specialty ,pragmatic spirit and innovative ability . Among the graduates of all previous years some became deputies to the National People’s Congress, committee members to Political Consultative Conference, National Model Workers , National Excellent Teachers , famous scholars, celebrated experts or successful enterprisers , some were admitted as postgraduates or even doctors and the majority of them became the backbones of fundamental teaching in the countryside.   

Review the developing progress of HNU , the basic experience can be summarized as follows: Firstly, keeping the normal education as the main body, actively educating teaching staffs with solid knowledge, general quality and innovation spirit for fundamental education ; Secondly, adapting to the new circumstance under the innovation of higher education , Seeking the opportunities of development, persist enterprising and exploring, developing both internal and external area,coping with the relationship of innovation , development and stability; Thirdly , insisting on being practical and critical , putting everything on the basis of reality, trying to achieve sustained and healthy development of all the aspects; Fourthly, maintaining teaching as the main body , making sure the lity of educating . In addition, HNU insists on developing through innovating, strengthens party-organizing and ideological and political affairs, conducts adjustment of organizational structure , reformation of arrangements of personnel and distribution , improvement of management of teaching and scientific research, innovation of the socialization of rear service and gives impetus to the development of all the causes. Over the recent five year, HNU has been awarded a variety of honorable titles.   

Since 1998, the leaders of the party and nation , for instance, Song Jian, Zhang Siqing, Chen Zhili and Minister of Education-Zhou Ji inspected HNU successively, gave important instruction in the constructions and development of our university , fully affirmed our various tasks. The leaders of Hubei Proviue and Huanggang city ca-me personally for many times to give directions in fundamental building, teaching affairs, talent-educating and so on.  

At present, the teaching staff and students are under the guidance of the “Three representatives” making use of the appraisal of the qualified undergraduate teaching work by the state Ministry of Education, insisting on improving the reformation, the construction and management by means of appraisal ,continuing deepening the education innovation and quickening construction and development of our college, doing all we can to make greater progress in undergraduate teaching work.     

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English Teachers Number required: 2 Posts

Contract Period: 1st Mar, 2023 - 15th Jan, 2024
                         1st Sep, 2023 - 15th Jul, 2024

Requirements: BA and Some teaching experience preferred

Monthly Salary: 10,000 RMB

Teaching hours: 18 hrs per week

Age of students: University

Accommodation: A free private furnished apartment on the school campus. It includes one private bedroom, full set of furniture. Washroom. Color TV with cable, living room, dinning room, balcony. Free monthly utilities


Internet access (Free): internet access (broadband) in the apartment

Medical Insurance: Medical care for foreign teachers in accordance with China's medical system. The school will provide teachers with a basic medical insurance and accident insurance .

Paid Holiday: Two days off per week, Public holidays in China. Winter holiday.

Work permit: The school will provide work permit and invitation letter for China at no cost to the teacher.

Travel allowance: 1100 RMB

Air-ticket Reimbursement: Round way airfare for the 10 months contract reimbursement will be made on completion of the contract

Closet airport: Wuhan Tianhe Iternational Airport