Tianshui Normal University (Gansu)

Tianshui City, Gansu Province

Tianshui, a famous city for its long history and rich culture, is one of places where the Chinese national civilization started. Tianshui is also the birthplace of Fuxi and Nüwa who were the ancestors of Chinese according to the legend tells. The research center of global Fuxi culture is in Tianshui and one of big events is the annual public memorial service held on May 13th in lunar calendar, which attracts thousands of Chinese from home and abroad to come here to worship.


Tianshui has thousands years of history. The discovery of primitive relics in Dadiwan has proved that Chinese ancestor had lived and bred there 8000 years ago.
This ancient city is also the cradle of the first Chinese feudal empire. 221 BC, the King of Qin Kingdom developed his power and led his troops conquered the other six kingdoms and then united ancient China eventually. He was called the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. Tianshui is regarded as the fountainhead of Qin Culture, so Tianshui is called ' Qin Zhou'(Zhou ---state).
Tianshui has numerous history heritages. Maiji grotto is one of the four greatest grottoes of China and is reputed as Oriental Sculpture Museum. Through the test of years, it preserves various styles statues in different dynasties after Buddhism came into China. More than 7000 exquisite clay statues, sculptures and over 1000 sqm vivid frescos still can be found in the grotto, which is reputed as the eighth wonder of the world.
During Three kingdoms period (230-260 A.D), Tianshui was under jurisdiction of Wei Kingdom but it was also contiguous to Shu Kingdom. So a lot of historical relics left in Tianshui such as the ancient battlefields 'Jieting' ,the castle of Qi Mountain, the tomb of Jiang wei --- one of marshal of three kingdoms and the corridor of wood gate.
Endowed with mild climate and distinguished seasons, as well as convenient transportation system and lower life expenses, Tianshui is regarded as one of ideal

Tianshui Normal University

It is located in Tianshui city, a famous city for long history and rich culture in China. Particularly for Chinese ancient culture such as, Fuxi culture, Qin dynasty culture and Maji Grottoes culture. Tianshui enjoys nice weather, rich agricultural products, and beautiful scenery. It has thriving commercial trade and convenient communication system. It’s one of the best places for people to live in, so it is also called a Miniature city on the south bank of Yangtze River in Gansu. 


Tianshui Normal University was established in 1959. Since its founding over fifty years ago, it has grown into a comprehensive university under the jurisdiction of Gansu Province. The University’s campus is over 33.4 hectare with a teaching staff of 884; among them are 667 full-time teachers. The student’s population numbers 12000 composed of 14 departments, 3 research institutes and 8 science and engineering specialties. With a collection of 480,000 volumes of books, the library has set up “ a branch station of CNKI Knowledge Network Service Station ”, and has opened a campus computer network.
Through more than forty years practice, the university has formed its own characteristics: be geared to the needs of the poor areas, train and bring up qualified teachers who are willing to stay and teach in their hometowns; be realistic to the rich cultural heritage, tap the depth of the local culture; stand facing the battle field of economic construction, supply the local countryside and enterprises with intelligence support to help them shake off poverty, build up fortune and develop the economy.
After struggling for decades, the university has made great achievements in many aspects.
Many teachers have been awarded by the nation the title of “ National Exemplary Teacher”, 8 were awarded “Zeng Xianzi Education Fund Prize”; in 1998, the university took the first place in National Mathematical Modeling Competition. In 1999, the university was named and recognized as “Nation Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction Work” by Central Committee of Spiritual Civilization Construction.
In the same year, the office of the teaching affairs of the university was awarded the first prize of the nation by the Ministry of Education. Dozens of academic theses have been collected into SCI. The university has made over 30 agreements on the co-operative projects with industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutions. In resent years, the university has won 44 prizes in the show of the achievements in science, social science and teaching from the provincial and municipal governments, and has won 3 national patents. By the end of 1999, the university had produced more than 13000 qualified graduates for all kinds of fields in the whole province especially the southeast part, and has made great social benefits.
The future orientation of the university will be based on Tianshui, be geared to the needs of the undergraduate education as its main focus, consider the teacher-training education as its main focus, serve for the basic education, regional economical construction and social development, build the university into a talents training base, a scientific research base, an information communication base and an intelligence reserving base in southeast area of Gansu Province.
The goal of the university will be to try hard to build the university into a comprehensive university with teacher-training education as its main focus around the year of 2010.

English Teachers Number required: 3-4 Posts

Contract Period: 1st Sep, 2024 - 15th Jul, 2025
                               1st Mar, 2025 - 31st Jan, 2026

Requirements: BA and TESOL /TEFL. Some teaching experience preferred

Monthly Salary:   9,000 RMB - 10,000 RMB

Teaching hours: 18 hours per week

Level of students: University

Travel allowance: 2,200RMB per school term

Accommodation: a free private furnished apartment on the school campus. It includes one private bedroom, full set of furniture. Washroom.living room, balcony.

Internet access(free) : internet access (broadband) in the apartment

Medical Insurance: Medical care for foreign teachers in accordance with China's medical system.The school will provide teachers with a basic medical insurance and accident insurance .

Paid Holiday : 2 days off per week; public holidays in China; winter holiday.

Work permit : The school will provide work permit for China at no cost to the teacher.

Air-ticket Reimbursement: round way airfare reimbursement will be made for teacher maximum 10,000RMB on completion of a school year contract

Closest Airport: Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport or Xi'an Xianyang International Airport