Apply steps for teacher

Procedures to apply for a Teaching Job

A - Teacher Application Form/CV

Complete our teacher application form, attach CV, passport page(and/or recent photo), diploma copies, reference letters and send these to China Connection.


B - Recommending a position 

Based on the requirements of foreign teachers, China Connection will search the right job from the school database and make recommendations to the teacher.


C - Choosing a preference position 

Foreign teachers choose positions from our recommended offers. China Connection will contact the schools to make sure the teaching and living conditions are in good order.


D - Skype Interview

China Connection will set up a Skype call interview with the teacher. After the Skype call interview then China Connection will arrange a Skype interview between the teacher and the school.


E - Contract signing 

After the pre-contract Skype interview, the school and the teacher will sign and exchange a teaching contract.


F - Work visa

China Connection will assist the teacher with the application of a China work visa.


G - School pick up

China Connection will notify the school of the flight details of the teacher in order the school can pick up the teacher on his/her arrival in China.


H - Follow-up

China Connection will provide follow-up service after the teacher arrive at the school till finishing the contract.