Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology

Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (BIPT) is a regular institution of higher education, co-constructed by the Central Government and Beijing Municipal Government, and administrated mainly by Beijing Municipal Government.
International Education College has built collaborative ties with more than 20 universities and educational research institutions in the United States, German, Norway, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong respectively. The collaboration covers the field of academic exchange, scientific research, jointly running school, and teacher and student exchange. This college is playing a very positive role in foreign exchange and cooperation activities of BIPT.
Since 1993 , the real North American English classroom, has been working to enable students to achieve the IELTS English proficiency requirements for admission to foreign universities and the promote capacity for attending professional training courses. Expanding from its first location at the campus of the University of China, EIE now has locations at Yantai University, Liaoning Normal University, Chongqing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and other universities’ start-up campuses. The foreign DTA (Director of Teaching Affairs), EIE’s Dean, has established full-time teaching, all foreign teachers teaching from EIE’s original texts, and applied a North American University English-teaching model to prepare students foreign universities. Through EIE, students can also enroll in foreign language courses in the university preparatory programs in domestic universities. EIE’s university campus students can freely choose the native-speaking English teachers to qualify for college English class credits. Its excellence in teaching strives to develop students' practical application ability and test scores and its
students have achieved reaching close to 100% success rate.